1.  What they are: Binary options were created to simplify options trading, because classic options were too complicated for ordinary traders.
  2. How they work: Binary options  ask you a very simple question: Will the price be higher or lower when the option expires? It does not matter how big the price movement will be, and that is the biggest advantage of binary options.
  3. Why Binary Options: Their simplicity!! Unlike other trading activities in Binary options you only have two possibilities that is high(call) or low(put). It’s either you make a full profit or you lose the money you invested in the option. In exceptional cases, when the price does not move at all from you entry, you are given back the price of the option, so you stay at zero.
  4. Top Characteristics : High payouts up to 92% on correct predictions and short term duration
  5. Top Advantages:  You need only a small movement of the price to profit, you can never lose more than the amount you invested and downtimes have zero effect on the result of your binary options trade
  6. Top disadvantages: They are limited by time.

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