The binary option equation is not an easy one to solve. It starts off with a huge handicap for the trader. Getting payout rates of 70-90% means that the trader is struggling against a 10-30% “house edge”…not a hurdle easy to overcome. What this means is that traders who wager on 50-50 coin-flips, do not stand the slightest chance to break even. In order to do that, one has to seriously up his trading game through the proper application of an efficient trading patterns, through the use of great trading signals, or through good auto-trading. The question is, are there any tricks to increase winning rates in binary options trading? YES!


  1. Learn a trading Pattern: A trading pattern is a system that allows you to know which direction to predict the outcome of an asset. A pattern could use indicators, fundamentals(news) or price action tactics.
  2. Follow the market: All markets are always either falling, rising or moving sideways. This is visually identifiable, you don’t need to calculate anything just look at the chart and open positions in the affinity of the market.
  3. Follow the leader:  There is no harm in admitting that you have no clue what to do when it comes to trading. You can offset you knowledge deficit by following a signal provider with a good track record. The downside with this is that you may have to pay.
  4. Learn More: Always be learning or acquiring new trading patterns, this way you have a plan for all kinds of markets.

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