By this time you already know it, for the past couple of weeks cryptos have been getting pounded starting from the king(Bitcoin) all the way down to the newborns and unless you are a speculator you haven’t gotten any profitable opportunities. At this point you might have had enough but as an African trader and before you throw in your hat you might want to give one last crypto a shot.

Nurucoin. Nurucoin is developed in Kenya with the aim of solving payment problems in Intra-Africa trade. OK. You can stop rolling your eyes now, you’ve had your fill of grand ambitions. We know Cryptos whose whitepapers promised you trips around the milky way and a cure for cancer have yet to deliver and I’m not here to sell the dream.

I’m here because hype+ambition=volatility which in turn could mean profit for you. In fact one could say I care about the price, where it’s going and how to profit from it. Now obviously we’ll not be speculating (not listed by any broker) so we would want to hit the buy button just at the right time and sell when everyone is having a good time riding the high.

It’s a fact that traders in Nairobi are hungry for that local innovation some can’t even stop hitting that refresh button despite the fact that we still have 11 days to go 😀 Now if you have real change you can get nurus at 40% off right now. Don’t look at me like that. I don’t have real change; besides I don’t mix risk with cigars, expensive whisky while seated on ‘king like’ chairs fueled by talk that brushes my ego. FYI: This is VIP treatment in the 60’s as seen on TV not how it happens. Normally you get an email and a thank you note if they are stingy.

Back to the point, the plan. Nurucoin is branded as an an E-commerce currency so what you want to look out for other than the highs brought by the fear of being left out is the adopters. Most importantly how big! Let me tickle your imagination as I sign off. “Jumia now accepts Nurucoin” or “Masoko embraces Nurucoin” The former is plausible the latter however, will be a chilly day in hell



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